Every body is a #BodyHero

Glossier recently came out with the mother-of-all campaigns for their new oil wash and lotion — Body Hero. It includes women of all shapes and colors and truly shows the beauty in every body.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 5.07.49 PM.png

My fellow Glossier reps kicked off the launch with their own stunning and unique photos. They shared their insecurities and perfect imperfections in personalized posts. I’ve really never been more grateful to be a part of such a cool company.

I wanted to support it with my own badass photo and shimmery body. But to be honest, I’ve been fighting my body everyday — especially lately. I certainly have not felt like a hero. It’s hard to feel like a hero when you struggle to get out of bed every morning. When you can’t hold your partner’s hand because it hurts too much. When every fiber in your body aches around your brittle bones and hurting insides.

So I locked myself in my bedroom, accompanied by my cat and partner, and I had myself a good cry.

I realized that because my body fights everyday, I am a Body Hero. I have dealt with harsh criticism from myself since I was little and learned that I would always be different. I’ve looked at stretch marks and IV bruises and patches of psoriasis with such disgust. But our bodies don’t deserve that! My stretch marks are records of years of chronic illness that no doctor will ever have on file. My IV bruises are proof that I can tolerate a sting. And my psoriasis is confirmation that yes, my body and spirit can handle more.

So although you may feel weaker than maybe you might’ve been without an autoimmune disease, you have so much strength to be able to get yourself up and take on the day. Feed off of that tenacity and know you’re a hero. Each body, every body is a #BodyHero.




9 thoughts on “Every body is a #BodyHero”

  1. Invisible illness is always difficult because it can be so frustrating and you almost feel like your experience is less valid because nobody can see it. Because of hashimotos I’ve had days where my whole body feels weighed down and drained of energy with puffy eyes and constant inflammation but the best thing we can do is push on, be positive and figure out new ways every day to love ourselves and our perseverance.


    1. YES! I’m so sorry that you have to battle that. But you’re not alone. It makes you stronger and it makes you, you. And you’re pretty damn awesome 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Lavina! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to explore/write about!


  2. Thank you, Kristina, for shining light on the invisible illness. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Hoping I, too, can summon the courage you have to share my own daily struggles with my autoimmune disease.


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