Call me a stoner, but I love my medical marijuana

Today was a great example of how medical marijuana saves me.

I woke up nauseous, in a lot pain and with terrible anxiety. I thought maybe it would be another lost Sunday in bed.

Then, I took an edible.

My day turned into cleaning, dancing and writing. I was able to be me.

Most days involve dragging myself out of bed while in a lot of pain. I’ve been sick since I was about eight-years-old — which means I’ve tried pretty much every medication in the book.

Morphine. Demerol. Dilaudid. None of it cuts the pain. I’ve had it all orally, injected and continuously through the IV. For nausea, I’ve tried Zofran, Compazine, Reglan — doesn’t touch me. I still puke and feel horrible. And if one more person recommends Tums or Pepto, I’m going to scream. For migraines, I’ve done Topamax, Sumatriptan, Imitrex, Fioricet, narcotics, nerve blockers, Botox. And nada. These are all to name a few — excluding natural remedies and diet changes.

F38F409F-1A27-44D3-A6A3-25AD31EBBAC4 (1).jpg

So, when I started using medical marijuana and discovering the various options it presented me with, it changed my life. Really. I can get out of bed. I can do simple things like the laundry and the dishes, without having to stop for a nap. I can eat a full, balanced meal. I can take a deep breath and let out a roaring laugh. I can see friends and dress up to go to my favorite restaurant.

All without pumping my body full of poison and causing other debilitating symptoms.

So, yeah. You bet I’m a stoner, pot head, space-cadet.


Some quick terms: Cannabis 101 

Strains | Methods I’m using now:

  • Chem Dawg — Vaporized. Hybrid. Great for nausea and pain. Psychoactive qualities but strong against pain and anxiety. Potent for new users.
  • Heavenly Haze — Vaporized. Hybrid. Great for nausea and pain. Psychoactive qualities but strong against pain and anxiety. Super chill.
  • Hurricane — Flower. Hybrid. Awesome for pain but definitely gets you stoned. Gives me great giggles. This is awesome if you go to a party and everyone else is drinking. (Hey, sick people like to have fun too!)
  • Sweet Tooth — Vaporized. Indica. Subtle. Eases pain. Good before bed. You’ll get the best sleep.
  • Cubes — Edibles. Hybrid. Extended effects of anti-nausea/pain. Great for the weekend!
  • Lord Jones CBD Lotion — Great for sore muscles and achey joints. Non-psychoactive.

Let me know your favorite strains and products in the comments!

TLDR; Jeff Sessions, keep your grimy paws off my pot. 


5 thoughts on “Call me a stoner, but I love my medical marijuana”

  1. It has definitely improved my life. Use it for pain, sleep, anxiety, depression and nausea. Sleeping better than I have in a long time. Giggling is always welcome. Glad it has helped you so much.


  2. I am so thrilled this has helped you . I was able to be approved and get my medical marijuana license and I must say it truly helps as well . My issues are severe back pain . had Several surgeries ( one final one next month ) . I have made lollipops which are great ! I use the different tinctures as well , and different strains in a vape . I’m not rid of my pain , but it allows me out of the bed to at least function !!!! Otherwise my days are spent flat in bed , all day . I am so thrilled for you to be able to get a good bit of your life back . You are in my thoughts and prayers for better days and happy vaping 🙏🏼❤️😘


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m happy you’ve found something that works for you too ❤ weed is the best lol. It's definitely the step between staying in bed all day, and having fun and possibly even being productive!


  3. I’m just getting into smoking marijuana for pain relief (migraine relief) and I’m wondering what vape pen you use and which is your preferred (marijuana) method to get rid of a migraine! 😘


    1. Hello! I’m still finding the perfect vape but I just got Kragen vape and really like it so far. Hmmm in terms of migraine help, I use all sorts of things. I love lower dose edibles (around 10 or 15mg) and vaping as well as CBD/THC creams to rub where I have pain. For me, the key is to catch the migraine as it’s starting. It’s far easier to stop the pain the earlier you catch it coming on. For strains has a great log of strains good for migraines.


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